There is a Want!

In the April 5th edition of “The Fairmont News” was an article about the drug epidemic in this community. In the article Fairmont’s Police Chief, Steve Shine was quoted as saying, “…they’re seeing that there’s a want for drugs, and these out-of-towners are seeking to fill that desire.”

Chief Shine succinctly sums up the drug epidemic. There is want for drugs. I grew up in the late 60’s and early 70’s and there was a want for drugs. In the 80’s there was a “Just Say No” campaign to deal with the drug epidemic of that decade. Drug education has been tried and although, a deterrent for some, it has not succeeded in stemming the tide of drug use or abuse.

There is a want and a desire for the euphoria obtained when chemicals are abused. I believe the greater question really is where does the want and desire come from? Why is there such a yearning in our society for drugs? It seems humanity is driven by want. Television ads prey upon want and create an imagined need for the product advertised. It is often been said “show me your checkbook and I can tell where your heart is.”

It was want that Adam and Eve succumbed to in the Garden of Eden. It was want that led David into adultery. Want becomes perceived need. Perceptions become reality. If we dwell on what we desire long enough, we convince ourselves we need what we desire. Add to this conundrum that we live in an era of immediate gratification; we then have to live with the results and consequences of our burning desires.

If we truly want to change people’s desire for the euphoria drug abuse creates, we must recognize it as a battle of the heart. To change a heart you must change the mind or in other words cause the mind to think differently. I strongly believe this drug epidemic is a spiritual problem with a spiritual answer.

When over 50% of babies being born are born addicted, we have a problem. Union Mission is one place in this community where people can find help. Addiction is the only disease that is cured with a choice. This choice is made at rock bottom. Enabling an addict prevents them from hitting rock bottom and delays recovery.

An addict must want to recover. The want for recovery must be greater than the want for their chemical of choice. Union Mission can be there to guide, encourage, facilitate, and help develop the choice the addict must make. Union Mission preaches the Gospel as a method of changing the heart and the mind.

George E. Batten
Executive Director