Intervention for the Broken!

Why has Union Mission been in existence the last 80 years? Why was the first Rescue Mission established in 1872? One word explains it – brokenness. Brokenness of the spirit is the reason for our existence. Broken people need a place for healing. We have hospitals for sickness and diseases because people need treatment and a place to heal – a place where intervention happens. We have schools to educate children, to teach them life skills – a place where intervention happens.

Even animals have well trained educated veterinarians to intervene on their behalf. Rescue Missions represent the best of a caring society willing to intervene for people with broken spirits. Rescue Missions are where intervention happens. We do not always listen to our Doctors. We do not always listen to our educators and homeless people do not always listen or make the best choices.

Doctors do not give up because patients are non-compliant. Educators do not relent because students do not listen. After 80 years of intervention with the homeless we are not surrendering because homeless people still have broken spirits. In fact, we are encouraged because God is breaking the bondages of addiction, healing the inner man, and rescuing lost people.

We are the best society offers for the brokenness that no scalpel can remove, no surgeon can stitch, or no doctor can treat with powerful antibiotics or pills. Healing the spirit of man – is God’s domain. He created this wonderful thing called humanity and He knows it like only the architect can. He has been working on healing humanity since the fall of man. A Rescue Mission’s function is to be God’s hands in a segment of humanity needing intervention.

Rescue ministry is a special field of healing and requires patience. It is a God given vocation. God has always called to broken humanity. Since the fall, reverberating in eternity is God’s question, “Where are you?” Since 1872 in New York City and since 1937 in Fairmont, WV there has been a group responding “God, here they are!” – praying for God to heal their broken spirits. Proverbs 18:14 from the Holman Christian Study Bible reads, “A man’s spirit can endure sickness, but who can survive a broken spirit?” They can only survive with life sustaining help from a loving God.

Rescue Missions are a place for intervention; Union Mission has been the place of intervention in Fairmont since 1937.

George E. Batten
Executive Director

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