A Savior to the Rescue

In recovery, we advocate for recovering addicts to take one day at a time. For a person in recovery, it means, do not fight tomorrow’s battle today. However, today’s victories bode well for tomorrow and today foreshadows tomorrow.

When a person struggling with addiction begins to plan for tomorrow, the plan must be realistic. They cannot plan for graduation from college until they have been accepted at college. In a hurry to prove they are recovered – they continue to engage in addictive thinking. Getting a job after 30 days of sobriety is the same thing.

A job means money. Money makes drugs and alcohol available. We are not trying to produce dependency but strength. When a child is ready for a bicycle you do not get them a motorcycle because the child is not ready. In time, a child grows and can handle the motorcycle. It is a strength and maturity issue.

Handling a job is a strength and maturity issue, each person grows and matures at a different pace. A person must be given an opportunity to develop. Housing, likewise, can be a stressor and can be taken on before a person is ready. A person can commit to a monthly rent beyond their capability. Not knowing how the rent will be paid brings them full circle to hopelessness.

West Virginia Rescue Ministries believes the first step is recovery. Our program is achievement based with triggers that signal the next phase of recovery. The second step is to get and keep a job. We recommend that a resident pursue jobs with low turnover rates or fields of employment where it is reasonable to expect long-term employment. A savings plan is part of the job phase. Step three is getting affordable housing but it is necessary to have a job that allows them to maintain housing.

Without these steps, homeless shelters will have a revolving door, the same resident will come in and go out. In the end we would be facilitating the addict and addiction. It takes time to recover.

West Virginia Rescue Ministries is a Rescue Mission – Rescue being the important word. We serve meals with the intent of rescue. We shelter with a view to rescue. If we do not offer a Savior we cannot offer rescue!

George E. Batten
Executive Director