A Clash of World Views

A world view acts as a filter for beliefs and actions. It is the filter through which we see the world. Union Mission is in the middle of a clash of world views.

Secularists ignore God at the very least, most deny the existence of a supreme being. The work of rescue and Rescue Missions originated from a world view in which Christ, the Son of God, is the source and reason for a person being set free from bondage.

In a Christian world view, there is right and wrong and a basis for determining what is right or wrong. In a Christian world view, Christ stands at the center of our beliefs and actions. We adamantly believe that Christ is the source for a change in thinking which changes a person’s actions.

Finding a way to cooperate with many of the social services is difficult. This is especially true when the purveyor of those services is unwilling to work with people from a different world view. We advocate that our residents get the counseling they need. We recommend our residents participate in programs other social service agencies provide.

Our residents then become confused when they are urged to abandon the world view that helps them the most. We recognize the clash! We will continue to offer a belief system that centers on Christ and defines right or wrong. If homelessness is acceptable, why then is there a government initiative to house the homeless? Homelessness is not acceptable.  Neither is a lifestyle that leads to repeated homeless events! The real cure for homelessness is Christ who alters a person’s thinking, thus changing the individual’s actions,  resulting in a life worth living.

Union Mission of Fairmont (West Virginia Rescue Ministries) is engaged in transforming the life to bring about permanent life change. Success is not based on the number housed, but based on the number transformed — living in freedom. It is based on citizens returning to society with the strength, faith, and tools to live life better.

The clash of world views will continue because secularists change their world view. Two thousand years have come and gone since Christ came to this world and offered a better way. His way has not changed and has not been proven wrong!

George E. Batten
Executive Director